Police and Law Enforcement Response

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Police and Law Enforcement Response
May 10, 2012
John Scott

Police and Law Enforcement Response
Police are the backbone and muscle of the law. Without police officers the world would be in complete chaos. Any given officer has many responsibilities riding on his or her shoulders. Their responsibilities range from what many would consider the most simple of tasks down to the most extreme and dangerous of tasks. An officers responsibility include things like enforcing the law, maintaining order in a crowd, resolving conflict, and even just assist those who are unable to care for themselves such as: a child, elderly person, those with mental illnesses, or even the intoxicated at times. Some people take our law enforcement officers for granted. Without them the world would certainly be a darker place. As it is I believe that we as individuals need to get more involved. "Police cannot control crime and maintain order by themselves" (McCamey, 2003). In the future I believe there are going to be even more cutbacks in funding to pay our law enforcement therefore the community needs to get more involved. Probable cause is defined as “sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime.” (LAW.COM, 2012) As police can only be in one place at one time they need the community’s assistance in many situations. If a crime is committed and the officer was not present at the time the crime was committed, based on the legality of probable cause the people in the community need to stand up and provide sufficient information so the officer can proceed to catch whoever it is that committed the crime. The police are the muscle and backbone of our law enforcement system but in order for them to properly and most efficiently do so, we as citizens need to combine forces with them and make our community the best and most safe place we possibly can....