Cultural Consideration

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Cultural Consideration
Chanda Martin
May 23, 2011
Joseph Laronge
Cultural Considerations
In the criminal justice system cultural concerns and influences in today’s societies have its positive and negative aspects. Cultural concerns and influences raises a lot of attention of the affect it has on justice and the security administration. In this paper it will first discuss how cultural concerns and influence affect the justice and security administration and its practices. Second, what contemporary methods are used in the societies of mixed cultures? Third, what influences and considerations that relates to and affect nondiscrimination practices within the criminal justice system. Finally, in this paper it will discuss Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles and if it could be used to organize a police department today.

First, I will discuss the cultural concerns and influences that affect justice and security administration and its practices. Cultural influences can affect justice and security administrations and its practices in so many ways. In today’s society the laws are made and rewritten because of one’s cultures which are basically saying that different cultures make act a certain way because of their culture and not because of criminal behavior. For example you may have an individual that comes from a back ground that believes in sacrificing animals and we all know that in today’s society to just pick a random animal and kill it is cruelty to animals. There are several advocates out there that fight for animal rights every day. Many cultural influences in my opinion affect justice because when incarcerated different cultures are in the prison systems to deter crime outside the prison by locking them up but mixing these cultures in prison sometimes help individuals to become a better criminal instead of the solution. Diversity in the criminal justice administration can have a positive effect. Because there is different race, ethnic...
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