Crowded Classes

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It is known by most people that an avarege number of students in a normal class should be about 20-30. In fact it is also known that in many scholls class size usually are over that number. In overcrowded classes, there are too many student. In this type of classes it is so clear to everyone that the teachers don’t know very well and wouldn’t be interested in their students

Although some people say crowded class size positively contributes to classroom environment, the researchs show that overcrowded classes cause falling in quality of education. More and more, when parents’ expectations is taken notice the difference between the expectation-the result grows. Because the teachers sufficently can’t take care of their problems. Many experst say that students mostly try to obtain their teachers admiration. It is quite obvious that it is not possible to get someones apprecition if you are ignored. The teachers also aren’t acquainted what they do after the class in their free times. Because teachers don’t have plenty of time to find out whatever their students do or wherever they go after the school. However it is so important to student who is in his adolescent to get a healty relationship with his teachers and school. Other wise the way a student would probably choose takes him away from educational activities.

In addition to that, in crowded classes lack of dicipline can easily occur. Cause of that is usually depletion of authority at class environment. This stuation increases failure rates of the students and causes different kinds of social problems like lack of communication in the class. Thus, the deprivation of healty communication will affect negatively the students’ rates of achievement. On the other hand all following problems are closly related to dropout rates of students. Everything is unfamiliar for a student who is in the beginnig of his/her education life and because of that the important one is that...
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