Damaged Facilities in Public Schools

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Chapter I
A. Background of the Study

Students in public schools acquire sickness from he dirty environment. Frombroken chairs to unventilated rooms, this can be to them uncomfortable and thus, each student’s mood and concentration.

The no.1 facility that causes problem for the students is the comfort room. The comfort room in public schools nowadays is an eyesore. The odor that the comfort room releases causes illness in students and visual pollution every time the students visualizes the comfort room.The no.2 facility that has serious problem are the classrooms where the students have their classes at. You can see vandalized area in every angle of the classroom and Insufficient ventilation which made the atmosphere in the classroom very uncomfortable that the students can’t focus on the class discussion any more. The students deals with that kind of atmosphere instead of listening and focusing on the class discussions but the students focus on complaining how the classroom is so hot , and the odor inside the classroom that are caused by unmaintained cleanliness inside the classroom. The hot aura from insufficient ventilation in the classroom is another reason for a bad odor that are spreading inside the classroom and another reason that there’s a higher possibility that the students may acquire illness from the unbalanced environment. The common students that suffers from this kind of environment are the students have colds, asthma and students that have a kind of ill that are not meant to adapt in this kind of environment. The decorations in the classroom also affects each student’s moods, if the classroom is maintained properly it lightens the moods of the students in the classroom and if the classroom is not maintained properly, you’ll notice how each students in the classroom if they would behave properly or not. The students are commonly irritated and annoyed from what they are seeing and from what they are feeling inside the classroom because of the unwanted view.

For this reason, the researchers decided to conduct a study about the damaged facilities in public school because they want to help the students to focus in their study, have much time to listen in their lesson and to avoid such that illness and even destruction to their surroundings.To make each students healthy once again and for the next generation that will use the facilities and to keep it in a better way.

B. Statement of the Problem

In this study damaged facilities of Cayetano Arellano High School was conducted. It is for the purpose of getting information about the effects of damaged facilities.

Specifically, the study will seek answers to following questions : 1. Do the damaged facilities affect the health of students? 2. What is the cause of the damaged facilities?
3. Are the students aware of the damaged facilities?
4. How do students survive the rooms with damaged facilities? 5. What are the reactions of all teachers that have lots of damaged facilities?

C. Significance of the Study

The researchers conducted this problem because the school has so many damaged facilities like the comfort room of the boys and girls. There are no doors, not enough water, lots of trash and sometimes there are wastes in the toilet bowls. Students are irritated of the unpleasant smell and vandalized walls causing the students not to use the comfort rooms.

Decaying environmental conditions such as peeling paint, crumbling plaster, non – functioning toilets, poor lighting. Inadequate ventilation, and inoperative heating and cooling systems can affect the learning as well as the health and the morally of staff and students.

Also, there are damaged rooms, lack of chairs, damaged blackboards, no electric fans, and vandalized walls. That’s why some students are not comfortable to listen in class discussions and study their lessons.


* There are many...
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