Creative Curriculum

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Creative Curriculum
1. The Creative Curriculum Framework is composed of How Children Learn, What Children Learn, The Parent’s Role, The Physical Environment, The Teacher’s Role and the different learning areas. Each component plays an important role in making the curriculum effective for the learners.

* Philosophy – Many teachers want to know how children learn and how to respond to their needs, so they must have guidelines on how to deal with those needs. Each individual learns in many ways and in the four corners of the classroom we encounter different learners. A classroom is like a zoo wherein different animals with different characteristics and needs are present, as what others say. Every teacher used this philosophies and theories to help them explain why each individual behave in that certain way, understand how each individual learns socio-emotionally, cognitively, and physically; help them decide on what to expect in each stage of development and how to deal with them effectively.

* Goals and Objectives – Having a clear setting of goals and objectives help teachers know where they are heading with their activity and how to carry it out successfully. Through this goals and objectives they will have a guideline on what to provide in assessing the effectiveness of the curriculum and the things that they may change or add to it.

* Physical Environment – Physical environment of a classroom is an important factor in the development of a child because they spend most of the time in school than in their own house. All are affected by the environment both the teacher and the learners. Each classroom should be conducive to learning that each learner may feel comfortable to stay, explore, select, play, learn and get involved to every activity that is present and that is possible by having a complete learning areas and the materials that it should contain.

* The Teacher’s Role –The teacher’s role is very complicated depending on how...
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