Private vs. Public Schools in Ohio

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According to the Council for American Private Education “there are 33,740 private schools in the United States, which account for over 25 percent of the nations schools and enroll about 11 percent of all students.” On the other hand, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, “there are 95,726 public schools in the United States.” Choosing a right school for their child, is one the most vital decision parents have to make. Listed below is the the most common pros and cons between private and publics schools.

Public School Pros and Cons
Cost – all of the public schools are run by the government and are typically giving free tuition for all students. Public schools are prohibited by the State Constitution from charging state residents any form of tuition or other fees for materials, supplies, textbook and transportation. Diversity – public schools offer students the ability to learn about people of different backgrounds and cultures. Students have the opportunity to have a wide and diverse groups of friends, which is often not the case in a private school. This teaches students how to get along with one another regardless of differences, and can provide a more complete educational experience. Low quality Education – public schools are designed to offer generic education for all students. As a government managed institution, funded fully by tax-payers, public schools do not feel the need to upgrade their system. Class size – classrooms are usually larges in public schools, as they take almost everyone who lives within its peripheral boundaries. In some public schools, the class size sometimes exceed 30-40 students per class, meaning that there are more students and less individual attention from teachers. Private School Pros and Cons

Higher quality of Education – private schools are more focused and dedicated to the education of students. Additionally, private schools usually have low dropout rates and less on-campus violence. Class...
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