Benefits of Low Student Teacher Ratio

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The Benefits Derived From a Low Student –Teacher Ratio
Albert Fuller
American Intercontinental University
English Composition II

What are the possibilities and impacts of a low student-teacher ratio and how can it be beneficial to both students and teachers alike. Imagine yourself in a class of 30 or more students, you are eager to learn but find it hard to grab the attention of the teacher. You feel lost in a class of pupils and you don’t know if you are going to absorb the lesson of the day. Sitting at your desk wishing that your instructor focused more time on the subjects that you didn’t understand; you find yourself looking for opportunities to refocus attention on you. Hoping to gain the knowledge and intellect that will help prepare you for college, you soon realize that your teacher being overworked often times overlooks your progress. Many students in the world today face these problems. There are multiple signs that point to how reducing class sizes will show an improvement in several areas that are affecting educators and students and once these areas are controlled benefits will be shared by both groups.

Students benefiting from the personalized learning experience of smaller classes have a higher probability of entering institutions of a higher level of education. A published journal by Finn & Gerber (2005) estimate that the large studies performed by three states comparing smaller to larger class sizes arrived at the same conclusion, “that smaller class sizes result in substantial gains in student achievement which sustain to graduation and beyond”. These were the STAR study in Tennessee, the SAGE studies in Wisconsin and the CSR studies in California. These combined studies measured how mixed variations of the learning environment have an impact on percentages relating to educational progress. Konstantopoulos (2008) has pointed to a fact that shows that the smaller learning environment in inner city...
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