Critical Review of Two Academic Papers About the Impacts of Festivals and Events to Local and Regional Development

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Critical review of two academic papers about the impacts of festivals and events to local and regional development

The aim of this essay is to critical review two academic papers relating to the impacts of festivals and events to local and regional development. The first key writing of Moscardo (2007) Analyzing the role of festivals and events in regional development, focuses on the potential role of festivals and events and explaining how can they contribute to regional development. Another paper, wrote by Wood (2005) Measuring the economic and social impacts of local authority events, focuses on local authority use events in non-tourism regions and the post-industrial town of Blackburn in Lancashire. This essay will introduce the different methodological approaches that these two articles used and discuss why these methods suitable for these two papers. It will also discuss other parts of methods the authors used. According to Lancaster( 2009) using different kinds of methodological can make the data more reliable and valid.

Focus on the content of these two papers, in the first writing, Moscardo (2007) describes that the study explored 36 case studies and analysis identified 13 themes which connected to the efficiency of festivals and events in regional development. The results of this research, which are analysed by using the qualitative research method, are used to describing how festivals and events can contribute to regional development. They also analysed the factors to the success of events and festivals. Moreover, Eisenhard (1989 cited in Moscardo) provided the main steps in case study analysis. In another article, Wood (2005) uses quantitative method to identified both economic and social impacts of community focused on local authority events. This research using mainly six questionnaires to evaluate two large events on different sides.

As it mentioned, the authors used two different types of research methods. One is qualitative method and...
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