The Development of Events and Their Meaning in Society

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The Development of Events and their meaning in society
This essay has been constructed with the aim of looking at the development of events whilst dealing with the nature and importance of events, in addition this essay will be touching on some of the historical areas which helped to make events an industry today, and the emergence of the events industry in the United Kingdom. The intention of this essay is to examine the impacts of events in society whilst briefly touching and including their social/cultural, physical/environmental, political/ tourism and economic impacts What Is an ‘Event’

The Birth of the events Industry started from as early as 1982 here in the UK (Woods) An Event, life itself is an event! But indeed What are events you may ask yourself as according to chambers dictionary(1998 p.560) Events Management G Bowdin pg 14 “An Event is anything which happens; result; any incidence or occurrence especially a memorable one; contingency or possibility of occurrence; an item in a programme (of sports, etc); a type of horse-riding competition, often held over three days (three-day event), consisting of three sections, i.e dressage, cross-country riding and showjumping; fortune or fate (obs); an organised activity at a particular venue, eg for sales promotion, fundraising.” FIFA and the racing cars, a recent event which occurred on the 29th May 2011 would have been defined as a special event according to Bowdin, G. Events management the attributes of special events ‘creation of specialness’ uniqueness, quality, authenticity, tradition, hospitality, theme and symbolism the symbolism here in regards to the Royal wedding could be identified in the type of material used in Kate’s wedding dress receiving the tile of duchess from the queen indeed is of traditional element the ring his mother Diana used when she married Charles, the tiara loaned to Kate by the Queen and the public crowd that were able to participate in the celebrations, being televised worldwide the exact same occurrence took place for Princess Diana and Charles July 29th 1981: Charles and Diana married in front Crowds of 600,000 people filling the streets of London to catch a glimpse of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on their wedding day.(Special Event) The couple were married at St Paul's Cathedral before an invited congregation of 3,500 and an estimated global TV audience of 750 million - making it the most popular programme ever broadcast. Britons enjoyed a national holiday to mark the occasion. This clearly outlines the defines of Jago & Shaw(1998,p.28) there are six core attributes, Attract tourists/ tourism development, Event of limited duration, one off or infrequent occurrence , Raises the awareness, image or profile of a region, Offer social experience, Out of the ordinary, The royal wedding has shown precedence in all these areas. .” However bearing this in mind there are different types of events and ways of categorizing and grouping these events, this includes taking into consideration their size and scale see figure.

Why are Events Important!
“Events have proved to be a valuable catalyst for cultural social and economic development”. It has become unavoidably an industry capable of generating considerable income as it exists in most times and most societies government cannot ignore events being a useful strategy for economic development, nation building, destination marketing and image promotion giving marvellous rise in array of events on almost every subject and theme imaginable. As they spill out of newspapers to TV screens occupying and enriching our lives. Following the World Wars, the promotion of popular celebration became a thriving sector of the new industrial economy. The UK has a rich tradition of rituals and ceremonies extended over thousands of years the tradition influenced by changes within society, including industrialization, urbanization, and the increasing multicultural population;...
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