Drawing on Appropriate Evidence Describe How Groups Can Influence People in Positive and Negative Ways.

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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Drawing on appropriate evidence describe how groups can influence people in positive and negative ways. My plan for this essay is to:
Study the required chapter making sure I understand what I am reading. The chapter that I shall be concentrating on is ‘identifying social identities’. I will be identifying both the positive and negative ways that can influence people’s lives. •I shall take notes on both the negative and positive influences. Again, these are the ways in which people’s lives are influenced. Identifying and searching for the supporting evidence that backs up my information. •This essay will start with an informative introduction, have a main section and end with the conclusion. The introduction shall start my essay, explaining what it will entail. The main section is where I shall be distinguishing between the two influences and will add substantial evidence through experiments that have been conducted by the appropriate bodies. By ending with the conclusion I shall sum up all the information I have added and how in positive and negative ways people’s lives are influenced. •I will add a word count.

For this approx 1000 word essay I plan to spend approx 200 words on the introduction and 200 words on the conclusion. The remaining 600 words will be used on the main section. •Lastly I shall add a reference list ensuring that I have added the relevant reference when quoting from work that is not my own. The research that I intend to refer to is that of Researchers Phillip Zimbardo (1971), Muzafer Sherif (1961), Asch (1955) and Dorinne Kondo (1990). All as cited in Spoors et al (2011) starting with psychology, Milton Keynes. The Open University.

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