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Topics: Sony, Sony BMG, Sony Music Entertainment Pages: 30 (5851 words) Published: June 30, 2011
“Creativity and Innovation”
“Individual assignment”

Name of the product: - Magic Sunglass (MSG)
Name: - Ali Hasan Nasr
Student ID: - TP018268
Intake code: - UC2F1007IT {NC}
Submission Date: - 26th of October 2010
Word Count: - 2007 words

Executive Summary

This assignment is targeted to represent my career which is executive manager and it elaborates my proposed product to SONY Company which is a product that will help people to make their life easy and full of entertainment. I name this device MSG that is short form of ‘Magic Sunglasses’. MSG is combination of seven products in one which are normal sunglasses, memory card, headsets, solar power cells, camera, polarized lens, touch buttons and music player. This product will be targeted to the Western market and some Middle East countries. Some techniques being used in order to generate ideas such as mind mapping, Lotus Blossom, attributes listing, SCAMPER and Force Fitting Trigger. Moreover, other techniques will be used in idea evaluations which are Sticking Dots, Plus-Minus-Interesting and Force Field Analysis.

Table of contents

Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………………….2 Table of contents3
Objective finding4
Fact finding5
Competitor analysis5
Market segmentation7
Problem finding9
Laddering technique9
Concept fan10
Idea Generation11
Mind mapping:12
Lotus Blossom13
Attribute listing14
Force Fitting Trigger16
Summary of Ideas17
Product description18
Product design19
Idea evaluation20
Sticking Dots20
Force Field Analysis23
Appendices A – Sony profile27
Appendices B – Sony History28
Appendices D – sticking dots description36


SONY Corporation is a global manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for consumer and professional markets. Mr. Akio Morita and Mr. Masaru Ibuka were the founder of the company who changed the perceptions of the Japanese quality products after the World War II by building this company whose name was derived from combining two words of sonus and sonny. The word “sonus” in Latin represents words like sound and sonic. The other word “sonny” means little son. The company was founded in 7 May 1946 and adopted the current name in 1958. The company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan and it has many places of operations all over the world. SONY is supposed to represent a very small group of young people who have the energy and passion towards unlimited creations and innovative ideas, with the far-sight of expanding worldwide. The company’s target market is all people who are interested in technology and having interest with audio and Video. The company’s major products are audio, video, television, information and communication, semiconductor and electronic components. Therefore, SONY Company is indulged with the innovations of new life technologies which make it capable to bring out a new product that can improve people’s life. Also, it is consider as the most popular electronic company in the whole world which will make MSG famous product.

Objective finding
The objective of this assignment is to propose significant product concept that will make people’s lives easy and put them on stage of technological view to get use of the latest technologies that are applied on real product to be used in people's daily life. It will be targeted to the Western market and some Middle East countries. Fact finding

Competitor analysis
MSG is a new product in the market. It has some new features which contain some devices with high-tech implementation. There is no any competitor has similar products that contain the features of MSG. There are some products already lunched in the market for entertaining people have great features which have made people to rush into getting them such as Split thump MP3...
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