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BUS101 Portfolio 2
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Updated Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sony Net Slips 8.6%, Hit by TV Results
WSJ Online
FEBRUARY 3, 2011

This article reported that Sony Corp. announced an 8.6% decline in quarterly profit because the hurt by cutthroat market conditions crimping television earnings across the electronics industry. Sony said that its TV unit had a loss of 13 billion yen ($159 million) for the fiscal third quarter ended December 31. And further losses are expected. It is well known that Sony's TV business has been unprofitable for seven years and it is always a problem in Sony Company. What’s more, we learn that the problem for Japanese TV makers is the so strong, which makes their products more expensive abroad and eats into money earned overseas when brought back to Japan. However, Sony said that although operating profit fell 6% in the quarter, group operating profit would have risen 22%. The reason why I am interested in this article is that Sony is one of the most famous Appliances brands in the world and its products are such popular. The change of Sony must have an influence effect on the markets. And I can learn more chances the change of it. I have two questions after reading this article. The fist is what the real effective method help Sony’s TV business become more profitable is. Another one is that if Sony suffered a loss, what is the effect on the market or other companies?

China’s Winemakers Pick Up the Pace
By Jason Chow
WSJ Online
FEBRUARY 3, 2011

It is reported that China produced 72 million cases of wine in 2009, which has been up 28% from the previous year. And it is expected to produce 128 million cases in 2012. The article told...
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