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Topics: PlayStation 3, Video game console, Sony Computer Entertainment Pages: 7 (1603 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Sony Computer Entertainment
History and SWOT Analysis
By Seon Wall, Daniel Bates and Christopher Moore

BSc (Hons)in Entertainment Systems
The Entertainment Industry


I declare that the work which follows is my own, and that any quotations from any sources (e.g. books, journals, the Internet) are clearly identified by the use of single quotation marks for shorter excerpts and indented italics for longer quotations. All quotations and paraphrases are accompanied by (date, author) in the text and a fuller citation in the bibliography. I have read and understood the rules on paraphrasing and referencing and followed these conventions carefully.

Signed: Seon Wall, Christopher Moore, Daniel Bates

Date: 12 October 2012

1. Introduction

The project provided is intended to describe the history of Sony Computer Entertainment and to give a SWOT analysis of the company. Its purpose is also to give references, a conclusion and an appendix all in our own work.

2. Company History

Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Company was the original name for Sony. It was renamed to Sony to help give it the edge over competition which turned out to be a great success. Sony has released many different products over the years from transistor radios, computer chips, floppy disks, transistors, game consoles and mobile phones.

The first Sony-trademarked product was a pocket sized radio in 1957. It sold for precisely U$40. In the early 1990s, Sony Computer joined with Nintendo to create a Game console known as a PlayStation. Sony and Nintendo combined two pieces of equipment together, Sony's CD-ROM drive with the graphic expertise of a workstation. The PlayStation was first released in 1994 in Japan, due to serious competition Sony decided to take technology a step further and decided to make production in the US a year later.

Several years after the PlayStation, Sony decided to design their own website known as PlayStation.com which helped to sell game consoles and software online. Also in 2000 the PlayStation 2 was created and sold worldwide. This console has become the most successful gaming device ever made. “Sony have sold roughly 1.52 billion ps2 consoles” since they have been released till 2011. The PSP was next on Sony’s list of creations. It was a handheld device and “first released in March, 2005 in the UK”. You could connect to the Ps2, Ps3 and other PSP’s on this handheld console. This device was said to signal Sony's large-scale entry into the handheld gaming market.

Shortly after releasing the PlayStation Portable (PSP) an upgrade of the PlayStation 2 was created. Simply enough it was known as the PlayStation 3. “The PS3 resets the bar in the entertainment industry by introducing a built in blue ray player into the device”. The main features on the PS3 would include its ability to use PlayStation Network. “PlayStation Network (PSN) is a multiplayer gaming and digital media online service used only for the PlayStation 3. PlayStation Network was hacked by a popular known hacking group known as Anonymous. This caused Sony to close down online services for three days. Anonymous announced that roughly 10 million accounts had been hacked. "After hack nightmare, Sony bars lawsuits with new terms of service (TOS)". I believe that Sony have made PlayStation Network much safer to use after the attack and are much aware of hacking.

“The PS3 is the best known for home entertainment purposes on the market”. This device is in competition with Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii consoles. Launched in 2006, the PS3 was redesigned in 2009 designed much slimmer and lighter and has now sold in the region of 66m units worldwide. “We can say with a fair amount of certainty that between 500,000 and 600,000 units were sold but will not know the exact figure until all of the finalized data is in”.

3. SWOT Analysis...
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