Coursework Grading Sheet

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1. Submission of coursework must comply with the deadline as stipulated by the module/lecturer. No marks will be awarded for late submission. 2. Students are to fill in “Programme Title”, “Module Title” and “Batch Number” in Section A. 3. Students are to sign in Section B before submitting the coursework to the lecturer to acknowledge that they have read the report submitted for grading (including the soft copy of the report and Originality Report from Turnitin where applicable). 4. Students are to sign in Section E to acknowledge notification of the project/coursework marks and comments given by the lecturer. 5. For all intakes commencing before January 2011: Students must score at least 35 marks (out of 100 marks) in the written examination in order to pass the exam. Students who score below 35 marks for the written examination are deemed to have failed the module regardless of what they achieve for the combined overall marks. 6. For all intakes commencing after January 2011: Student must score at least 35 marks (out of 100 marks) for coursework and written examination respectively; and achieve a combined overall marks of at least 50 marks (out of 100 marks) in order to obtain a pass grade in each module.

|SECTION A: PROJECT INFORMATION | |Programme Title |Batch Number | |      |      | |Module Title | |      |

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