Hacking Into Harvard

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Students are required to complete one (1) MAIN assignment. The learning outcomes are stated in the assignment question. The Assignment will be a graded assessment that contributes to the overall assessment in this subject.

Submission of Assignment

The date for submission of your assignment will be based on the college administration system and no concession or extension will be granted. Late submission will be automatically penalized 10% of the total marks, on per day basis. Assignments may not be accepted more than five (5) days late. Students should always retain one hardcopy of the assignment, in case lost through transmission.

Assignment - Format

The assignment/report should comprise the following recommended structure:

1. Assignments may be typed or word processed. Word processing is strongly recommended with double-spacing. 2. All pages must be consecutively numbered.
3. Provide a wide margin on the left side of the page to allow for binding. 4. The assignments should be bound firmly with the Assignment Front Cover and Assignment Allocation of Marks being the first pages.

Presentation of Assignment

1. Assignment Front Cover
2. Assignment Allocation of Marks
3. Executive Summary: Summarizes the argument of the submission in no more than 5% of the nominated word limit. This abstract helps the reader preview the content of the essay or report and assists them to follow the trend of your argument. It also tests whether or not you grasp the essentials of your arguments adequately. 4. Table of Contents: List the various major sections of your paper. 5. An Introduction: Provides a brief introduction to the topic. 6. The main body of the Assignment ( A useful site to know about the rules and conventions of academic writing may be found at http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~mm/academic_writing.htm) 7. Conclusion

8. Appendices (if any) Contains material that supports or amplifies what has already been said in the body of the assignment. This is not necessary unless you would what to draw the reader's attention to it, then it must be stated in the main body to make reference to the relevant appendix. 9. References (A useful set of guidelines for citing materials may be found at http://www.nhmccd.edu/contracts/lrc/kc/mlastyle.htm) There should be at least 5 references cited. Lecturers are encouraged to advice students to make references to enable them to understand the concept of referencing and quoting. This would help them progress into advanced level of their studies.

Assignment Allocation of Marks

The principle objective of the assignment is to evaluate students on areas that cannot be done by a timed examination. Students are expected to have conducted research, understand and identify relevant materials and disseminate that information in a form of a report that is easily understandable. The report/assignment must make reference to research that has already been done and students are expected to give their view on an issue.

The appended is available under Front Cover as this has to be downloaded and submitted.

|No. |Description of criteria adopted that will be used for the assessment of the assignment |Weightings |Marks Allotted by lecturer| | | | |(E.g.) | |1 |Relevance of content to assignment-Executive Summary |10% |10 | |2 |Clear explanation of issues, which are relevant for the assignment: |20% |20 | | | | | | | |Relevance of information and material....
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