Spin Master

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Mini Assignment 1 – Spin Master (Case 13)
Using the case 13 (page 411 in your textbook), which titled “Spin Master: Turning fun into opportunities, please answer the following questions: 1.Describe the key decisions that Harary, Rabie and Varadi faced in the start-up of their company. Looking at the decision environment, were these more programmed or non- programmed decisions types? 2.As a result of Spin Master’s success, what decision errors and traps might be a problem for them in the future? Important points to remember about your submission:

• €Double-spaced
• €Times New Roman 12pt.
• €Stapled (marks will be deducted if the assignment is not stapled)
• €Do not exceed 2 pages
• €Do not include a title page
• €The assignment must be submitted to Turnitin by the deadline (see turnitin submission process 
• €The heading on the first page must include your complete name, student number, industry 
number, section number, name of the assignment, turnitin confirmation number and name of professor.
• €The deadline for the hard-copy (must have turnitin confirmation number) submission is 9:30 AM on Wednesday, September 26th;
Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 20%. Please note that late assignments will be accepted only up to 24 hours after the submission deadline. 
Turnitin submission process 
Click on the Assignments folder in Blackboard:

• €Select the correct assignment and correct section: Section 4 (Friday’s class) or Section 5 (Monday’s class): Mini Assignment 1 (marks will be deducted if the assignment is submitted to the wrong section)

• €Select 'file upload' to submit your paper from the drop down menu
• €Select your name from the drop down menu
• €Your first name and last name will automatically populate the name fields
• €Enter the correct assignment name: Mini Assignment 1
• €Upload your file and click submit
• €Save the emailed receipt for your records and include your turnitin...
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