Corprate Policy or Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pages: 6 (1951 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Corporate Policy or Discrimination
Melissa Hollingsworth
Devry University
Professor Mancinelli-Franconi
February 19, 2013

Corporate Policy or Discrimination
The scenario I chose for my research topic was about an employee named Maria who has filed a complaint that she was unfairly eliminated for consideration for a promotion because of her distinctive accent. I will look into this companies promotion policies to see if Marias’ claim has merit or if the company was fair and just in their decision to promote another employee with less seniority over Maria. A candidate for promotion will have solid work habits, teaching abilities, and a level of efficiency along with good communication skills, positive attitude, and good teamwork. In turn a company that lacks diversity is likely to be accused of discrimination and shows a lack of competitiveness.

Solid work habits include being dependable and good at decision making. Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. An essential quality of management is that the person’s level of expertise can be relayed and transferred to other employees. You can perform well, but to manage, you need to be able to teach, support staff, communicate information and share knowledge clearly for others to follow. (CAI 2011)

Companies also value the employee who is time-oriented because the speed at which you operate is fundamental. It is important to form a habit of completing work in an efficient manner. One needs to understand the difference between critical assignments and those that can be put on hold. CAI 2011 states that a majority of CEOs agree that employees on track for advancement have a keen ability to establish priorities and sift through the essentials.

Having a positive attitude at work also represents your viewpoints regarding the company and also reflects your behavior in terms of discipline and respect for the company. Managers may take note of you having a laid back attitude towards your work and deny you advancement opportunities. (Pranka, 2011) Also how you dress reflects your attitude towards work, if you come to work with wrinkled clothes, messy hair, and poor hygiene it shows a lack of respect for your job and employer.

One also needs good communication skills to advance in the workforce. They need to be fluent in the language they use officially in the work place. Good communication skills reflect confidence in a person. At the same time, good communication skills also include good content. One should know the diplomatic and right way to communicate. Right words need to be spoken at the right time. Sounding too aggressive or passive can jeopardize your image as a communicator. (Pranka, 2011)

In this country, one's ability is often judged on the basis of how well one speaks English. Unintelligence is one attribute that is often assigned to those who speak with a heavy accent. (Cargile et al., 2006) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, and national origin. In 1987, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission more specifically defined national origin to include linguistic characteristics of a national origin. (EEO, 2010) This means you cannot discriminate or deny advancement against someone because of their accent in the workplace.

Working in an organization means a lot of teamwork which can be very frustrating if you don’t get along with your team members well. If you are leading the team, empathize with your team members rather than dictate to them and spoil their will to cooperate. (Pranka, 2011) Give everyone an equal chance to present their viewpoints. If someone has done a good job reward them with appreciation and acknowledgement for their hard work.

When performing a job performance evaluation, common areas that are assessed are productivity, quality, interpersonal behaviors, and effort. Absenteeism tends to fall...
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