Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

Chamberlain College of Nursing / DeVry University

Despite a vast array of society’s attempts to make the workplace equal for all people, discrimination still continues to this day. When an employer understands and values differences among their employees, the company can gain many valuable assets. An employer can benefit by having a diverse group of employees, who each bring different strengths with them. Having a group of divergent employees, better prepares a business for interacting with the many different types of customers they will serve. Workers that can embrace the differences of their coworkers, have a better ability to relate to others, and work better together. I conducted an experiment where I was unable to fully use my dominant hand for a morning. As a result of this experiment, I was able to have better understanding of what it is like to see the world from another person’s point of view. Employers who are able to accept and make appropriate allowances for their worker’s differences are likely to have happier employees, as a result. Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

It is important for managers to be educated on diversity, and have an understanding of the differences in their workforce’s population, because it will improve performance potential and increase employee satisfaction. There are numerous benefits to valuing diversity. With each unique combination of gender, ethnic background, culture, and life experiences, each person brings a different set of strengths, skill sets, and approaches to problems. According to Bell, (2007) , “Valuing diversity can benefit organizations in the areas of cost, resource acquisition, marketing, creativity, problem solving, and system flexibility”. An employee’s satisfaction is much higher when they feel accepted and valued for their unique qualities.

When an employer has a reputation for valuing a very diverse population, they are a more...
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