Discrimination and Food Chain Supermarkets

Topics: Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Employment Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Application: Individual Case Study Analysis, Case 10
Analyzing Promotion Data: Applying to 80% Rule
Lakisha Richardson

This analysis explains the thoughts and ideas about Case 10: Analyzing Promotion Data. It references the problems noted and within the case as well as the legal issues that apply. Based on the background and research, an overview of a solution to the problem and an implementation process to be executed by Tom Rutherford, HR director of Food Chain Supermarkets, Inc. can help with the discrimination issue(s) presented in the case.  

Summary of Case
Human resource director of Food Chain Supermarkets, Inc., Thomas L. Rutherford was disturbed by a conversation he had with Walter Jackson, an employee in the company’s distribution warehouse. Jackson complained that black employees were being passed over for promotions in favor of white employees who had less experience and seniority. Jackson explains that he had resigned his position in the meat department of the warehouse because he felt left he would not get promoted despite his experience and job performance. Jackson was passed over for promotion three times since he started working for the company (Mathis & Nikomo, 2008). The last thing Rutherford wanted was a discrimination suit; immediately he began to investigate Jacksons claim. He asked his personal assistant, Mark Walters, to gather data on promotions that have occurred in the last couple of years in the warehouse operations and the stores. Additionally Rutherford presented Walters with the names of three black employees given to him by Jackson to review their files and determine what happened with their promotions (Mathis & Nikomo, 2008). Symptoms and Root Problem

The problem in this case is there’s a claim of discrimination within the Food Chain Supermarket, Inc. An employee claimed that he was passed on a promotion three times despite his experience and job performance, Walter Jackson claimed that...
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