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Topics: Corporation, Joint stock company, Limited liability Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 13, 2013
So now, be ready to move to the next part of our presentations. In this part, I will analyze the real situation of the corperate entertainment in Vietnam in recent years. 1.general situation in Vietnam

In Vietnam, corporate entertainment is more and more developing thanks to fast industrization and modernization in recent years. The form of corporate entertainment first came to Vietnam in 1990, but only in the last two years has it seen strong development. It can be comprised such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, or Conventions and Exhibitions or Events.It may be refer to a particular type of entertainment in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for some specific purpose. The stronger companies in Vietnam develop, the more popular corporate entertainment is.  Corporate entertainment brings about active development of most companies in Vietnam especially in multinational corporations. It becomes a types of industry, an effective way of marketing to customers and one of the fastest growing segments in entertainment, generating millions in revenues for our country. 2. For example

I give some examples about the corporate entertainment in the big companies in Vietnam. Co Gai Ha Lan joint-stock company is a typical examples about organizing private events for their staff , clients or stakeholders. Every month, the company will organize the retreats or holiday parties in the whole day for their staff and the Free Milk-dink festival for longtime customers. It is also commonly used to mean corporate hospitality, the process of entertaining guests at corporate events. Coca- Cola company is a big beverage company that is foscus on corporate entertainment. The company usually organizes Awards or Gala events and it, usually the last event in a series of meetings, can make use of many options, from celebrity entertainers to exciting bands providing dance music or other options that will leave the attendees with a feeling of...
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