The Impact of Globalization on the Creative Industry- Music Industry

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The Impact of Globalization on the Creative Industry- Music Industry| |
Student Name: Lily Lee|

1.0 Introduction:2
2.0 Music Industry:2
2.1 Music Industry Value Chain4
2.11 Beginning:4
2.12 Production:5
2.13 Circulation:5
2.14 Distribution:5
2.15 Consumption:6
3.0 Technology Globalization impact on Music Industry:6
4.0 Trade Globalization impact on Music Industry:8
5.0 Conclusion:9
6.0 Reference:11
7.0 Appendix:12
Appendix 1: The Core Cultural Industries12
Appendix 2: Music Industry Value Chain13
Appendix 3: Traditional music value chain14

1.0 Introduction:
Recently globalization is commonly referred to close global relationships of economic, cultural and polity activities (Beck, 1999). The sense of economic and cultural globalization has been growing quickly at present. The objective of globalization is to promote economic growth between developing countries and developed counties through specialization. Generally, globalization can be described as economic globalization: deliver good and service across the world through reduce trade barriers. More importantly, cultural as a main sector of globalization, and become an industry. To some degrees, globalization promotes cultural industry change. While, most of are positive impacts. However, critics of globalization stated that the costs of globalization should be considered, and globalization promotes cultural industry develop may cause national internal cultural conflict. The aim of this report will simply analysis music industry value chain, and then discuss the impact of globalization on UK music industry. . 2.0 Music Industry:

In order to know how globalization affects on music industry, the first thing should be understand is what music industry is. It is difficult to give a definition on cultural industry. Williams give a definition on cultural and describe that “whole way of life of a distinct people or other social group” (Williams, 1981). While, Hesmondhalgh based on William’s view, develop a definition on cultural industry as “those institutions that are most directly involved in the production of social meaning” (Hesmondhalgh, 2007). Simply speaking, all produce and consume knowledge & information activities are called cultural industry. Usually, the core cultural industries cover five areas (As Table one shows) which are broadcasting, film, internet, music, and print & electronic publishing (Hesmondhalgh, 2007). It can be seen that music is a huge industry. In other words, music value chain is broad. The value chain gives an idea about music industry framework. Table one: The Core Cultural Industries

The core Cultural Industries|
Broadcasting Industry| TelevisionRadioVideoSatellite and digital program| Film Industry| DVDFilm disseminate|
Internet Industry| ComputerCommunication Game|
Music Industry| Live performanceRecording Composition of musical works & music publishMusical educationProduction musicRetail and distribution of musicPromotion, management and Agency relate activities| Print and Electronic Publishing| BookE-bookMagazinesNewspaperJournalCD-ROMsInformation service| (Source from: Hesmondhalgh, 2007)

2.1 Music Industry Value Chain
In the case of music value chain, Table two shows that it can be divided into five subsections and as follows: beginning, production, circulation, distribution, and consumption (Folotyis, 2001). Table two: Music Industry Value Chain

(Resource from: Folotyis, 2001)
2.11 Beginning:
In the first segment of music value chain, it involved education and training music players. The government plays a major role in this step. In 2011, the UK first published “Music Education National Plan” (Department for Education, 2012) to teach children learns music. The purpose is to enable all students have cultural opportunities that can be used in future study and work. Actually, there are a large number of music education...
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