Coors Was Very Successful Through the Mid 70s. What Was Its Strategy Historically? ( by Approximately 1975)

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Coors was very successful through the mid 70s. What was its strategy historically? ( by approximately 1975) Looking at the organization of the Coors Company, different approaches are observed within its business operations. The company is guided by a vital principal "Coors had always stressed quality and self-reliance." In addition through the mid 70s, few factors and functional areas were a proof for this statement, putting more weight and consideration into production, operation, marketing and finance decisions. Coors did not follow the example of its competitors to use outside suppliers, instead the company kept its way of traditional manufacturing. The firm relied on its own equipment and developed operations with own technology. An aspect that gave Coors competitive advantage over the other brewers was noticing the consumption shortages and maintaining the right amount of production. In addition, company's positioning helped the firm to fill the deficit and gain a favorable market share in some locations. Coors perception of the product was that it had to keep its valuable features and quality because this way the company could afford and sustain a constant premium price in the market. The very little promotion and relying on self advertisement of the products was another successful decision that was working well for the company. Coors marketing strategy was to sell the product by itself. However, a steady moment of flat numbers convinced the company that a marketing input was needed. Along with the introduction of the new light beer between 1975 and 1980, this time, Coors Company followed the increased trend in the beer industry and created their first new brand since the year of 1958. On the other hand, in the mid 70s, the company's financial approach and views about their capital structure maintained the same. Throughout their whole business cycle, Coors dominantly stick to equity and strived to maintain zero debt. In the period through the mid 70s those...
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