Continuous Improvement

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Table of Contents
Company’s Background:2
The company’s objectives:3
The use of teams to achieve these objectives:4
Include performance standards. Use technology to gather data and make recommendations that will assist in boosting performance of members of team/ mentoring and coaching?5
Support given to team members at Ranafa Trading Ltd:6
Encouragement of participation of team members:7
How communication is facilitated within the team? To inform of outcomes of continuous improvement efforts8
Analyzed whether communication systems needs improvement9
Improve customer service9
Any recommendations to help continuous improvement in the workplace10

Company’s Background:
Ranafa Trading Ltd was founded in the years 1990 in Mauritius. It has been successfully operating and achieved its aims throughout its 18years of existence. Ranafa Trading Ltd is considered to be a private ltd company. Now the company has about 7(seven) retail shops/branches throughout Mauritius. The head office is situated at Vacoas. The company started with a simple showroom in Vacoas. The company is owned by a sole proprietor. After one and a half year of successful operation, he opened another retail shop in Triolet. The business continued to grow, at a time interval of one and a half to two years a new retail shop/branch was opened. The other retail shops are situated at: Beau-Bassin, Curepipe, Palma, Belle-Rose, and Candos. Ranafa Trading Ltd has become a large retailer of furniture, electronic appliances, tiles, and every other object for interior home décor. Recently the company has become well known to other nearby countries and is involved in international trade as well.

The company’s objectives:
Ranafa has several main objectives which it wants to attain in the medium term. These objectives are outlined below: * Firstly to maximize sales and its profits.
* Secondly to improve the quality of its products.
* Thirdly to provide a wider variety of choice to its consumers. * Fourthly to remain competitive, it wants to offer imported as well as local products at a competitive price. * Lastly the company wishes to enhance its image by focusing on customer care and prompt service. All these should lead to increase market share arising from being more competitive and these objectives also focuses on quality.

The use of teams to achieve these objectives:
The employees are divided into groups/teams in order to build up a department. The teams which Ranafa Trading Ltd consists of are: * Marketing team
* Delivery team
* Administrative team
The main difference which was found at Ranafa Trading Ltd, is that the teams interrelate together, that is every single employee is aware of the current situation, task and objectives in their respective departments as well as the other departments in the organisation.

There are various methods by which those teams are used to achieve these objectives, which are: Marketing team:
The marketing team focuses mainly on the objective of maximizing sales and providing customers with a wider variety of choices. They do so by dividing themselves into smaller groups which are shop attendants and marketing agents. Where the shop attendants strive to increase the sales turnover by using their current selling and communicating skills and the marketing agents they are responsible about promotional activities to attract more and more clients. Delivery team:

The delivery team focuses mainly on the customer service objective. They do so by providing quick delivery services and good after sales services also. The method by which they achieve the objective is that when a consumer purchases a product at Ranafa Trading Ltd, the customer will receive the product after 2 to 3 hrs depending on the location of the delivery. This fact differentiates Ranafa Trading Ltd from its competitors. On the other hand the delivery teams they...
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