Contemporary Development in Business and Management

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Contemporary Development in Business and Management
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Task -01
For task one I have chosen Grameenphone-the GSM cellular service provider in Bangladesh. Introduction:
On 28th of November 1996 Grameenphone was offered license of cellular service provider by the Bangladesh Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. 26th of March 1997, on the Independence day of Bangladesh Grameenphone launched its service. Now Grameenphone is the leading cellular service provider in Bangladesh with over 20 million subscribers as of June 2008. GSM technology was first introduced in Bangladesh by Grameenphone and over the years they introduced many products and services suitable to the local market. The company has invested over $1.6 billion for building the infrastructure of the network. 98% of the population of the country is within the Grameenphone network coverage. They are the largest taxpayers in the country also. Along with making and receiving calls and being the first introducer of pre-paid service the following value-added services are also provided by the Grameenphone- * Voice massage service (VMS)

* Short message service (SMS)
* Fax and data transmission service
* International roaming service
* Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
* SMS-based push-pull services
* Enhanced data GSM Environment (EDGE) - entire network of Grameenphone is EDGE/GPRS enabled for high-speed Internet and data services within the coverage area. * Personal ring back tone and many others.

Internal Influencing factors:
Direct and indirect employment has been generated by Grameenphone over the years. The number of full and temporary employees is presently 5000. The numbers of people working for Grameenphone dealers, retailers, scratch card outlets, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others who are directly dependent for their livelihood are more than 100,000. Employees are considered as one of the most important assets in Grameenphone. Grameenphone is influenced by its entire workforce and has taken some schemes to benefit the employees extensively. Some of them in case of employment are as follows- * Gratuity

* Provident fund
* Group Insurance
* Family health Insurance
* Transportation facility
* Day care centre
* Children’s education support
* Higher education support for employees
* In house medical support and other initiatives.
Essential ingredient for success in fast moving world of telecommunication is the practice of responsive and dynamic Corporate Governance. Grameenphone is putting emphasise on continuous improvement of Corporate Governance. Internationally accepted standards in daily operations are reflection of this practice. The Board of Directors plays a vital role in coming across the shareholders’ interest. The Grameenphone Organ gram is as follows-

Source: Grameenphone

The management team are committed and influences the day-to-day operations of Grameenphone in maintaining- * Culture of accountability
* Transparency
* Well understood policies and procedures
* Maintaining compliance of all laws of Bangladesh
* And all other internal regulations.
Grameenphone is joint venture of Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. The facts of both the companies are as follows- Telenor:
Telenor is the largest service provider of telecommunications in Norway and operating in 12 countries worldwide. The company owns thaw majority shares of 62% in Grameenphone. In setting up an international standard of mobile phone communication in Bangladesh the technological and mananegerial know-how and expertise of Telenor has been instrumental.

Grameen Telecom:
A non-profit sister concern of Grameen Bank which is...
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