Marketing Plan of Banglalink

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Executive Summary

Banglalink is the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh. With a slogan of “making it difference”- Banglalink started operations in February 2005. Previously, it was known as Sheba Telecom Pvt. Ltd that had been providing GSM (global system of mobile communication) services in Bangladesh since 1998. Orascom Telecom bought 100% share of Sheba Telecom in 2004 and gave its new name as banglalink. We can compete because our product offers a unique combination of features at a attractive price. We are offering our products in different level.

Situation Analysis

Banglalink is at the sixth year of their operation, with an increasing trend in their annual revenues earned. The various prepaid and postpaid packages have been well received making it retain its rank. However, to retain its position in spite of the onslaught of competitors and to increase revenue in the maturing mobile telecom market of Bangladesh, appropriate value marketing is essential. While its brand awareness and recognition is high, it has to increasingly remain in consumers evoked set while trying to opt for top of mind awareness.

Market Summary

Banglalink is well informed about the market and has fair understanding of the customers, due to their skilled research team. They have used this understanding to design the marketing mix, so as to communicate them with greater clarity.

Target Market Forecast


The above pie-chart shows the proportion of packages amongst the mobile subscribers of Bangladesh. It is evident that after prepaid packages, Business solutions comprise the largest proportion.

|Potential Customers |Average Quarterly Growth Rate |Third Quarter, 2010 in million | |Call Barring (CB) |CLIP |Missed Call Alerts | |Caller ring back tone |Song Dedication over IVR |Song Dedication over SMS | |Voice portal (Speech Recognition) |Voice Messaging Service (VMS) |Voice SMS | |Voice Chatting over IVR |Voice News over IVR | Emergency Credit | |Yellow Pages Directory Service |SMS E-mail |SMS Chat | |Ring Tone |Logo |Infotainment Services | |GPRS/EDGE |MMS |WAP Portal | |USSD Menu |STK |International SMS | |International Roaming |SMS roaming |GPRS Roaming | |Fax & Data |Voucher Recharge (Prepaid) |Postpaid bill payment over Voucher recharge | |Itemized Bill |Jukebox over IVR | |

Keys to Success

With increasing competitiveness in the market and heavy trend of sales promotions, the key to sustainability of the business is to retain consumers along with acquiring new customers.

Critical Issues

About 20% of current Banglalink users own multiple SIMs, and are well informed about the offers promoted by the competitors. The switching cost being low, the consumers could easily switch from one provider to another.

Marketing Strategy

The essence of Banglalink is to provide value for money telecomm solutions to the consumers and help improve...
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