Consumer Journey

Topics: Eating, Fast food, Place Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Consumer Journey
For my consumers journey I decided to go to subway (Paradera). Here under you can see my journey map.

It all started with me getting hungry. I decided to go to subway because it’s the nearest place to eat for me. I went into my car and went to subway. I went parking but there were not enough parking places. I entered the subway store. The place had a good ambience and there were a lot of people so the line was long. I had to wait like 15 minutes to get my turn. When I had to choose, the menu was a little confusing. It wasn’t clear what for options I had. At the end I decided to eat a chicken breast sandwich. There were enough workers but still there was like confusion. Some of the workers were really friendly, others not really. Then I had to pay. That went really fast. I went to one table and sat to eat. The food was good and the place was comfortable. When I finished eating I stood up and went home.

Touch points Rating
1. Ezequiel: -
2. Car: -
3. Parking: 4 (Not enough parking places)
4. Subway (store): 8
5. Line: 4 (Had to wait allot)
6. Choice: 3 (The menu was really confusing. There was not enough information. 7. Pay: 7 (It was fast)
8. Eat: 8.5 (Food was good and seats were comfortable)
9. Go out of subway: -

I think subway has improve their parking place, the fast of the service and the menu. Parking place: There is a piece of land free next to subway. There they can put a parking places for subway customers only. Service: There are enough workers but I think the task of each worker is not clear. Everyone can do everything. So I believe that a better construction in the workers task can improve the service. This could also decrease the stress of each worker and this can lead to a happier service. Choice: The menu is not so good. It’s really complicated and it’s not really clear. A simpler menu can be better. With the normal choices on one side and the...
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