Consumer Behavioral Study

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1. Introduction

Previously, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. has the syrup product line that it named as “Sirup Indofood”. However, due to the unsuccessful market of that product, in the end of 2010, PT Indofood re-innovated the product, re-designed the packaging and the concept, as well as re-branded the “Sirup Indofood”, by launching the new product called as “Freiss”.

PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. Itself, is a company that operates on 4 strategic business groups : 1. Consumer Branded Products. Producing a wide range of packaged food products. The product brands are among the strongest brands with the most significant mindshare in Indonesia for consumer food brands. 2. Bogasari, primarily a producer of wheat flour as well as pasta. 3. Agribusiness. Done by Indofood Agri Resources Ltd. (IndoAgri), with the principal activities range from research and development, seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling; as well as the  production and marketing of branded cooking oils, margarine and shortening. The group is also involved in the cultivation and processing of rubber and sugar cane as well as other crops. 4. Distribution,  boasts the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia. It distributes the majority of Indofood’s and its subsidiaries’ consumer products as well as third-party products. The products that Indofood produces are shown below. Freiss is one of its product line, classified in the group of “Food Seasonings”. 1. Noodles : Indomie, Supermi, Sarimi, Pop Mie, Sakura, Pop Bihun, Mi Telur Cap 3 Ayam. 2. Dairy : Indomilk, Enaak, Tiga Sapi, Kremer, Crima, Nice Yogurt, Indo Eskrim, Orchid Butter. 3. Food Seasonings : Sambal Indofood, Bumbu Instan Indofood, Indofood Bumbu Racik, Maggi, Freiss, Kecap Indofood, Kecap Piring Lombok. 4. Snack Foods : Chiki, Chitato, Cheetos, JetZ, Lays, Qtela, Trenz. 5. Nutrition and Special Foods : Promina, Sun.

6. Edible Oil & Fats : Bimoli, Happy Salad Oil, Simas Palmia. 7. Flour : Cakra Kembar, Segitiga Biru, Kunci Biru.
8. Pasta : La Fonte.
(Source :
Actually, Freiss still has the same target market with Sirup Indofood, which are mainly the housewives. This is appropriate remembering that the product is syrup, a beverage that mostly consume by family, and the main person who becomes the one who do the purchase in the purchasing decision is mostly housewife.

However, the distinctive part of Freiss is that it now realizes that the customers are starting to be more health-concern especially for the products consumed by family. Thus, Freiss now comes with its distinctive point, which is “Honey Syrup”. Moreover, Freiss also wants to show its exclusivity through its new packaging design, that has been changed in terms of its bottle shape, its packaging’s appearance, as well as its packaging color. Compared to the previous Sirup Indofood, Freiss looks more elegant and it gives the perception of high quality and high-priced syrup, with the ergonomic bottle design, as well as the black color as the theme of the packaging. The most recognizable distinctive point is that the name of “Freiss” seems more premium and more exclusive than the name of Sirup Indofood, which has the image of cheap and regular, remembering that most of Indofood products are the ones that are highly consumed by Indonesian citizens due to its highly affordable price. Since Freiss was just launched a year ago, this brand has not been highly recognized by most people yet. Therefore, to enhance its brand name, Freiss has done its rapid promotion during the 2011 fasting period. Basically, its objective here is to increase the Indonesian citizens’ awareness of Freiss and try to attain more loyal customers of Freiss. The choice of promoting the products during this period is...
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