Strategic Marketing for a Non-Profit Organisation

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According to historical and scientific finding, Africa is the cradle of man; where the existence of all mankind began. Naturally, one would expect to follow the cultures and behaviour of where our ancestors came from but today, this is not the case. A lot has happened since the evolution of man. The structure of the earth itself is believed to have dramatically changed over thousands of years. Our ancestors are believed to have been located in one place before they moved in different directions and took up different types of behaviours and lifestyles as they adapted to their new locations. This thereby created different types of clans with different cultures. The dominant and more innovative clans began taking over the weaker clans (colonization) and with that, they forced them to adapt to their way of “doing things” and hence cultures became lost and diluted. Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”(, no date) Established by Dr Mthembu, Indoni is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that is aimed at preserving the beauty and richness of the different cultures found in South Africa by teaching the youth about them. The organisation wants to use the different cultures to help develop, and guide young people; to show them how to use these cultures as a source of income and expose them to a number of opportunities that come with the knowledge of these cultures. For a while non-profit organisations, did not feel they needed to incorporate marketing as a part of their operations. However, with the growing number of NPOs over the years, competition for donors has increased and hence funding has become very limited; with this, organisations have realized that they need to find a way to get their name out there in order for them to raise funds for sustainability. Marketing helps identify and meet human and social needs (Kotler and Keller, 2006), in this case, Indoni has identified a social need to re-incarnate a passion for African tradition and heritage within the hearts of today‟s youth; to make culture hip and happening so that the young people will not only take pride to their roots but they will know more about their culture as well as develop a love and interest for it. The organisation hopes to develop South Africa‟s youth in a positive and respectable manner; as well as encourage young people from different African countries to share their unique but very closely related cultures.

The purpose of this study is to assist Indoni with the development of a strategic marketing plan that is aimed at bringing together the organisation‟s mission and objectives with its resources and the opportunities and threats within Indoni‟s market. Indoni wants to be able to:  Positively position their programme in the minds of potential funders and sponsors,  Have the support of the rest of the stakeholders that influence the success of their programme in any way,  Develop an interest for the programme amongst the youth,  Completely achieve the programme‟s goals and objectives,  Communicate programme achievements and impact among stakeholders,

beneficiaries, funders, sponsors and community. Strategic planning is a process that helps lay out an organisation‟s target markets and the value proposition that will be offered, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities that are present within the market (Kotler and Keller, 2006: 43). It will help the organisation position itself better within its industry, raise more funds, increase its reach as well as improve the ways in which it communicates with its target markets. To attain all of this, marketing is going to play a huge role when it comes to making decisions as it deals with the outside world and the different target markets that Indoni is trying to reach. Marketing has a cross-functional role (Vigar-Ellis, 2013), it helps with decision making across all...
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