Consumer Behavior Unit 10

Topics: Marketing, Business, Marketing management Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 23, 2013
MT459 Consumer Behavior Unit Ten Final Written Assignment
Kaplan University
April 7, 2013

To me the information in the course has been very beneficial to me; it has aided me to become a stronger candidate in the business world. Throughout the many topics and key concepts covered throughout this term, I have become a more qualified individual ready to take on the workforce and not only in the field of Consumer Behavior, but in the business world as a whole. Some of those areas that I believe this course has really helped me would be in: The marketing concept, product positioning as well as personal privacy. I feel that having knowledge in these areas as well as many others that we studied in this course will allow me to be a successful candidate in my future studies here at Kaplan as well as my career path. The marketing concept “is a consumer-oriented philosophy that suggests that satisfaction of consumer needs provides the focus for the product development and marketing strategy to enable the firm to meet its own organizational goals.”(Schiffman, & Kanuk, 2013) The marketing concept will greatly help me in my future studies at Kaplan as well as my career field in marketing. I will have a stronger understanding and will be able to meet my companies goals. Product positioning “is a marketing strategy designed to project a specific image for a product.” (Schiffman, & Kanuk, 2013) When it comes to my understanding of product positioning I will be able to help in the marketing design and image for companies promotional products. When taking this course I have used a lot of valuable information when it comes to personal privacy. I never realized the difference in cultures and their view on privacy. Here in the United States we value our privacy, as to where other countries are accustomed to always being with another person and sometimes view us as being stuck up so to speak. This information will greatly help me if my career path takes me to a...
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