Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behavior

Target Market:

The market I choose to target were health cautious men who are care about what they eat and working out. The reason I choose this market was because eel is a very healthy food if prepared right. I am going to change the option of ell and how it’s seen to a health food choice food in salads, rice, veggies, and other foods. Demographics:

* Men – more likely to try new things and aren’t as stand off about eels current perspective * Ages 20-35 – The current age and generation are into a health kick and all about staying fit * Health cautious – due to the image I am trying to give eel that it is a healthy choice I must make sure the target market fits the new perspective * High income – some eel dishes such as young eel can cost up to $100 and as eel is becoming less populated making it a higher end dish to buy (Prosek) * Singe or newly married – They don’t have expenses of kids and have more disposable income to spend on themselves * College education - more likely to have been introduced to cultured foods and have a higher paying job * Business Men - have been to high end dinners and are usually cautions about their looks and appearance Physiographic

* Work out regularly

* Eat expensive foods

* Care about what they eat

* Value quality and willing to spend the extra dollar to get it


How would you reach them?
I would use XM Radio, Primetime shows such as ABC, Fox, and NBC also news time, Magazine adds in Men’s Health and Fitness. I would make the dishes with eel look appetizing and healthy in salads and with rice and veggies to show case eel in the healthy form it is.

Nutrition facts states that eel as a filet has 0% carbs, 37% fats, and 43% protein. Ell is also high in vitamin a, which is good for vision. This shows that eel is a healthy choice for my target market and would be something they were interested in trying (Nutrition Facts)....
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