Consumer Behavior

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What is Consumer behavior? Does consumer behavior extend beyond a person purchasing a product, the answer to that question and many more lie in the following reading. Consumer behavior is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product. Consumer Behaviors involve researching what the product is, why would someone want or need to purchase the product along with a consumer attitude toward the product. Most importantly answering these questions allow marketers to better fulfill their job and are able to better market or advertise the product. The target audience for a drink like Gatorade is young adults.       Following the research step of the consumer purchasing tree, the next step would be the process of decision-making from the consumers stand point, this will lead to the products ability to serve the customer in form of product availability and people around that may sway the decision-making. The availability of the product when the consumer wants it is also important, for this reason a marketer must consider the who, when, why and where in the consumers decision-making process. Consumer behavior can also be affected by many other factors that will be discussed throughout our report.       The most important thing a marketer has to be to segment the market appropriately with a product like Gatorade you have so many other competitors like PowerAde and Vitamin Water, the marketer needs to know which groups of consumers are more likely to purchase this specific product. In Gatorade’s case, the marketers are more likely to target men that are in to sports or men that want to consider themselves as big and strong. Gatorade also needs to determine the positioning of the product in the market in regards to its competitors, there are so many energy drinks out there that Gatorade needs to state how there drink is better than those offered by others. This can only be done by understanding the consumers of the drink and satisfying their wants and needs, so they don’t have to go elsewhere to get what they want and need. Motivation, ability and opportunity are very important aspects of the success for a drink like Gatorade. Motivation is what drives a consumer to take action; a person that is thirsty drives motivates a consumer to find a way to satisfy their thirst. In Gatorade’s case motivation does not take considerable behavior because Gatorade is not an expensive product and one can just go into practically any store and be able to find a bottle of Gatorade. One key factor that affects motivation when it comes to a product like Gatorade is its personal relevance on a consumer’s life, thus a consumer who is health-conscious will likely choose Gatorade because it has approximately 50 calories per 8-oz. serving. It generally comes in large portions, though, so a bottle will have 100 to 200 calories at most. The perceived risk can also determine if a Gatorade drink will be purchased or not, in this case a Gatorade drinker will not consider any of the attributes of the products to be risky; because the bottle contains all its nutritional facts so that lack of information cannot be applied, the low price also make the product low risk, but one important aspect that may change it is the brand differentiation, “what makes Gatorade better than the competitors?”. This is the most important task marketers have to convince the buyer.       “Since Gatorade is a product that is basically used to relieve thirst, consumers don’t have many factors that affect their abilities to process information about Gatorade and make decisions about and engage in its buying, usage, and disposition of the drink. The final factor affecting whether motivation results in action is a consumer’s opportunity to engage in a behavior. Time, distractions, and the amount, repetition, and control of information all affect a consumers’ opportunity to process information. Gatorade, like any other product, can be affected by...
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