Consumer Behavior - Chapter 7

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Smoking, Anti-tobacco movement in Nazi Germany Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Consumer behavior - Chapter 7

Most researchers agree that an attitude has three components. List and briefly describe those three components. Hint: this list has been describes as the ABC model of attitudes. The ABC model of attitudes;

The first component is affect; which is the way the consumer feels about an attitude object. The second component is the behavior, which is a verbal indication of an individual. And last but not least there is the cognitive response, which is linked to the beliefs a consumer, has about the object. This model carries out the relationship of the knowing, feeling and doing. An anti-smoking campaign showed autopsies of people who have died of lung cancer. This camping seemed to have no effect on the rate that teenage took up smoking. Why? Teenagers are possibly one of the easiest groups to target jet one of the hardest unit to market. This is because their believes, needs, wants, likes, etc keep changing at a rapid speed and sometimes marketers can keep up with the speed. A campaign such as a anti-tobacco or drunk-driving is very hard to explain it to teenagers since they are in the age of the experience; they don’t listen to anyone and they do whatever they feel its right for them. They don’t look at this kind of situations as a threat, as a grown up person would, but as a type of challenge, experience, something to fit in with the group, etc. Again, this is coming back to how the costumer portrays themselves by their actions and how something as small as a cigarette can give you the image you desire.
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