Construction Machinery Industry How to Do Better in Marketing

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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In the vast majority of construction machinery agents companies, business support has never been deemed to create value for the lowest primary post. With junior officers, unlike the sales staff and service staff have a clear result, business support duties are basically procedural, transactional, it seems that the existence of this position to help others to achieve results, while their own does not create value.Mineral impact crusher Only a small part of the foreign brand agent, properly understood, this understanding is vividly described as "a business support business support positions, a value equal to half of the Business Minister. The general agent business support including sales support, service support, parts support,Mobile crushers and letter-trial support. The name of the post of each company is different, support, back office, front desk clerks, but refers to marketing background. Why agents management staff to attach importance to the business in particular and to support job? Because the agents marketing management is very simple,Mobile jaw crusher to communicate with users and manufacturers of basic are also business processes, business support just carry out the necessary departure, maintenance, billing formalities of the settlement, check accounts and other documents.Mobile crushers Marketing management of the construction machinery industry a major shift toward refinement of marketing: marketing of construction machinery industry from extensive marketing. Refinement of marketing so that agents add a lot of new marketing and management functions, make management more detailed division of labor, requiring more professional. In this process of change in the role of business support jobs gradually highlighted. How to make good use of business support? With the further progress of the fine marketing, sales support responsibilities in the daily operations, and should include the following two aspects. To see the advancement of marketing management,...
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