Configuring Sas Enterprise Guide 4.3

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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3


Date: February 2012
Version: 0.1
Author: Adam Prendergast

To ensure you can use Enterprise Guide 4.3 you will need to work load account: • sy1p
• rdwp (NEW). ESP request – ‘UNIX User Accounts Requests’ form. On page 4 of the request select ‘UNIX Infrastructure Managed’ for the Host Location and enter ‘’ for the workload name. Once you have your RDWP account you will need to contact the Production Team who will add this account to the Metadata server to ensure you can connect to the sy1p workload. Please send your RDWP username to ' DM Production Team'.

Guide to Open and Access EG4.3

Follow the steps below to connect to servers and these server details. • Opening Enterprise Guide 4.3
Go to, Start > All Programs > SAS92 > SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

Note: For CITRIX users you will need to select the Enterprise Guide 4.3 icon The rest of the document will work for CITRIX too. You should be presented with the following screen:


Close the Welcome box


• Creating a Profile to access servers
Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer’.


You will then be presented with the SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer box.

Go to ‘File’ and select ‘Mange Profiles’.

Select ‘Add’ from the right of the screen.


Then enter your rdwp details are shown below. If you do not have an account you will need to complete an ESP. The form required is a ‘UNIX User Access Request’. When completing the form on page 3 of the request the host location needs to be ‘UNIX Infrastructure Managed, it’s a workload level request then you will be able to enter the Workload name =


Click on ‘Save’. When you log back in...
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