Configuring Power Options

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LAB 16


This lab contains the following exercises and activities:

Exercise 16.1Configuring Power Options

Exercise 16.2Creating a Custom Power Plan

Exercise 16.3Using Powercfg.exe

Exercise 16.4Using BitLocker


You are a Windows 7 technical specialist for Contoso, Ltd., who has been given the task of optimizing battery life on the company’s fleet of mobile computers. At the same time, your IT director believes that you should also be able to further the company’s “green” initiative by coming up with power utilization settings that maximize the efficiency of the firm’s Windows 7 desktops.

Estimated lab time: 60 minutes

|Exercise 16.1 |Configuring Power Options | | | | | | |Overview |In Exercise 16.1, you examine the power settings used in the default | | | |power plans provided in Windows 7. | | | | | | |Completion time |20 minutes | | | | | |

1. Turn on the NYC-CL1 workstation and log on using the contoso\Administrator account and the password Pa$$w0rd.

2. Click Start. Then, click Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears.

3. Click Hardware and Sound > Power Options. The Power Options control panel appears.

4. Click the Show additional plans down arrow.

|Question |How many power plans are available for your selection in the |

1. Power Options control panel? 3 plans.

5. Click the Change plan settings link for the balanced plan. The Change settings for the plan: Balanced page appears.

6. Enter the values for the Turn off the display and put the computer to sleep settings into the appropriate cells of Table 16-1.

7. Click the Change plan settings links for the Power saver and High performance plans and enter the values for the Turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep. Click Save changes.

Table 16-1

Default Windows 7 power configuration settings

|Setting |Balanced |Power Saver |High Performance | | | | | | |Turn off the display | 5 | 3 | 10 | | | | | | | | | | |

|Question |How do the different settings enable the Power saver plan to | |2 |be more energy efficient than the Balanced plan? | | | |

|Question |How do the different settings enable the High performance | | | |plan to achieve greater performance levels than either of the | | |3 |...
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