Computerized Enrollment System

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A. Introduction

Enrollment System is used for student information records. A well-built Enrollment System can be useful to reduce the load of the people that normally has to do all the manual work. A well enrollment system is built for faster process information. Enhancing the Enrollment system of Colegio de Saint Monique is consistent with the goals and objectives pursued towards this end. The basis of changes to be done is discovered through interview, and qualitative analysis. On the development of this system, it must be noted that the school’s pre-requisite and its requirements, together with the manual process of enrollment will be made according to produce an enhanced system to adopt. On top of that, the system must be updated for it to be at a top more level and it must meet all clients’ requirements in order for it to have its functionality and service appreciated and it will be efficient to the clients to use the said system.

During enrollment, student needs to pass the entrance examination conducted by the school. Upon passing it, they need to submit the needed requirements. They are going to be assessed and will be given the needed instruction to complete the enrollment.

This system needs the manual requirement and its manual procedure and then execute them process by process in a step by step mode, in which every process must be done inside the system the way manual process do, and follow on what is on the manual process like on how do students fill out the registration form for enrollment and assessment form for the miscellaneous matters, and the paying scheme for parents on how they will handle financial transactions with the school. Then, the system will be printing out the registry form, included with the student financial report on how much will be the tuition fee and on what term of payment will be used. And also, the system will be able to show what schedules does the student have so the parent will be aware of what will be the time for him or her to bring the child to school and to fetch the child from school.

Enrollment system is not an easy task. It takes real-time procedures to enhance the system, as well as the people who will be acting as the administrator for the system. And if done, it takes time for it to upgrade on certain things so the system could match the needed requirements and people to handle the system accordingly, and those people will be in charge after the system is made and conducted, for it to be implemented in the institution.

Enrollment system is a good step for the school. Enrollment system is useful especially when the school retrieves the important information from the student. In the enrollment system, the school can trace what are the standings of the students. Lack of enrollment system in a school it can lead to chaos and troubles, the students will be confuse on what they should do and how they will do to be able to enroll. It is extremely useful in the school in the way of making the processes of enrolling much easy. Instead of doing the usual way or the manual system of processing records of the enrollees they can now use a GUI or graphical user-interface, all they have to do is to press the mouse and enter data of an enrollee from the keyboard to manage the propose enrollment system.

B. Background of the Study

Colegio de Saint Monique was established on 1998. Since then every School year of Enrollment they have estimated enrollees of at least 600 both new, old and transferee. In every transaction especially between April and May every year, bulk transactions of enrollees were accommodated. Each enrollee takes almost a day before they have been enrolled. Old students need first to re-evaluates individually their grades from the previous semester before proceeding with the assessment and filling of the enrollment including the...
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