Computerized Enrollment System in St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela

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  • Published : August 19, 2012
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Background of the Study and its Problem

Computers are now widely used in business transactions in order to simplify the node of operation; this computer gives greatly further effectiveness through fewer errors in computing large amount of units. Folders and documents are fast becoming obsolete and will be replaced with diskettes, flash drives and hard disks that are capable of storing huge amount of information thus, the companies will be able to avail office space previously allocated for storage space with this replacement through the use of computers, it is easier to manage resource with computers providing data or info security, monitoring pursuit etc. The main objective of this study is to develop a computerized enrollment system in St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela that could ease their problems upon enrollment of the students. Since the enrollment system is the frontier of every school, where in people could be able to see how prominent the school on the services they impose and how well equipped they were in the services they provide for their students needs, Enrollment is the basic part of a school transaction because in this process the school could distinguish whether the student is enrolled or not and here they can gather information that is necessary for the school records of the students.

Background of the study
History of the company
St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela started as St. Bernadette Learning Center for pre-school students and was founded on June 1996. On the year 1998, they started accepting elementary students from grades 1-6 and renamed the school St. Bernadette Academy of Valenzuela. And on the year 2000, they had high school students enrolled and renamed their campus again to St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela. SBCV celebrates their foundation day on December 7, 8, and 9.

Present Enrollment System
St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela’s enrollment system for old students must present their card to the registrar and get the student record form. They need to fill up the student record form (white for pre-school, yellow for elementary students and pink for high school students) and return it to the registrar and the registrar will assess the student’s tuition fee. After the registrar processed the student’s student record form and assessment, they will proceed to the cashier to pay their tuition fees and then they will get their enrollment records or receipts.

As for the new students, they should first submit their requirements for the entrance exams (form 138, Certificate of Good Moral Character and Birth Certificate), get the schedule for the exam and pass the entrance exam. After the entrance exam the student will proceed for the interview. After they have accomplished the requirements, they can now proceed to the school registrar, get the student record form and fill it up, and submit it to the registrar and the registrar will now assess for the students tuition fee. After the registrar, they can now proceed to the cashier, pay their tuition fees and get the enrollment records or receipts.

Statement of the Problem
The piece of learning is concerned with the general and specific problems of the school that might find solutions. The subsequent problems are presented below: -Time consuming with regards to enrolling process of St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela. -Receipts and enrollment records are not computerized in St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela. -Availability of records and information about a particular student. -Lacks accuracy and speed with regards to enrollment processes.

Objective of the study
General Objective
The main objective of the research is to develop a database management system for St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela.

Specific Objective
Every study is directed to a goal, the proposed study will bring out the goals that the proponents intend to achieve. -Establish a system that will help the registrar and the...
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