Computerized Enrollements System

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The slow processing of enrollment is a levy issued for all schools. All schools like
colleges, secondary, and elementary school uses registration form for the
enrollees. The students will sign and full-up all the necessary information in order to have their
personal file in the school registrar. The manual registration form is the first and common used
for enrollment registration. This kind of processing of enrolment is wasting time. Students spend
a lot of time to fall in line for how many hours to complete their requirements during
Most of time enrollees are go and fort between different offices, they need to fall
in line for how many hours to get a lot of enrollment form and fill-up and sign it. From the
registrar to the their respective dean, for the schedule of their subjects, for their assessment and
to the accounting office. This kind of manual form of enrollment can be very wasting a lot of
Acquiring and processing documents for assessment takes a lot of time to process. This is
because; documents are manually acquired, evaluated, and processed. Slow processing of
assessment is also aggravated when documents from persons file is lost or misplaced since they
only used file cabinet as storage of data and no back-up strategies is available. Inconsistency of
data is encountered in locating file, because enrollment for mare manually written, and manually
computed for their assessment.
Enrollment form data and checked manually for accuracy, HR staff chasing down
employees to determine who has compute the process, benefit calculation by hand, manual entry
of enrollment information into and carrier site or manual entry of deductions amount into the
payroll system, and paper work filled and store.
The paper –based manual method of open enrollment also incurs a soft cost that cannot
measured. Employee dissatisfaction. Employees today are not happy with the level of
communication they receive from traditional open enrollment. Most schools, businesses or
establishments facing the same kind of problems, most of them sought a solution to help them
aid these problems, to offer the best possible services to their enrollees or clients. Through the
advancement of technology, they’ve used various software application to computerized some
processes but lack features that fit their needs. In this regards, most of them sought to have
customized information system.
Nowadays computer serves as an important role in our society, most especially in school
premise. It works easier and faster. It lessen errors and work by using machines. It reduces costs
to an organization from paper work-up to computerized working system. A system designed to
perform the process involved in registration, advertizing, assessments, and payments of the
students as well as scheduling of classes.
A new automated enrollment system was proposed and passed by the administration just
recently. According to the chair person of the department of Information Technology and
System, this enrollment system will push through on the first semester of School Year 2009-
2010. According to the source: the Computerizes Enrollment System will automatically get the
students subject/section for hassle-free enrollment. This is for student without any pending back
subject while for students with pending back subject, they still need to meet their department
chair/coordinators first for the advising of subjects before using the enrolment system.
The system design project, system that will provide the needed and storing information in
a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that
will lessen the effort of faculty staff and storing files of each students every now and then. This
will also serve as information especially for the irregular students, freshmen,...
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