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Principles & Practices of Management

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INSTRUCTIONS a) Students are required to submit all three assignment sets. ASSIGNMENT Assignment A Assignment B Assignment C b) c) d) e) DETAILS Five Subjective Questions Three Subjective Questions + Case Study 40 Objective Questions MARKS 10 10 10

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Principles & Practices of Management

Q1). The principles of scientific management differ from the ordinary principles. Why? Give your comments. Q2) Discuss the new challenges and tasks of management. Explain the contributions of Taylor and Henry Feyol in modern management thoughts. Q3) Define leadership. Explain the features and importance of Mc Gregor’s theory X and Y? Q4) Are strategies and policies as important in a non business enterprise (such as a lobour union, State Department, a hospital or a city fire department) as they are in a business? Why and how? Q5) Your Company offers you a promotion to a position in a location your family does not like. Make the necessary assumptions and then state how and what you would decide.

Q1) What are the major limitations of Planning? What action can be taken to make planning effective? Q2) “The contingency approach to management is more a commonsense approach “elaborate. Q3) Accurate appraisal of performance is difficult. In the light of this discuss the problems involved in appraising an employee. CASE STUDY Automotive Components Limited is a major manufacturer of automatic filters mostly used in automobiles of various types. It supplies filters directly to automobile manufacturers in bulk quantity besides supplying to the market for replacement. One day, two engineers from a reputed engineering consultant visited the factory. They inspected the production facilities and workshop. They came on the next two days also. During their visit, the atmosphere in the workshop was tense as the engineers made several enquiries from the foreman of the workshop. Three days after the last visit of these engineers, a notice was put up asking the workers to shut off motors and lights during the lunch break. During the following week, a rumour spread that the company was not able to discharge its contractual commitments because of the technical defects in the plant. Therefore, a big order was likely to be cancelled resulting into closure of the plant for some time. This period became quite disturbed both for workers as well as for the foreman. Three workers

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Principles & Practices of Management
made enquiries on different occasions from the foreman about the reasons for the visits by the outside engineers. In fact, one of the workers put a question, “Is there going to be layoff in the plant”? The foreman himself being ignorant in the matter had little to say. Thus, rumours spread further about the likely layoff and retrenchment of some workers. The workers became nervous and productivity dropped. They approached their union leaders about the possible layoff and retrenchment. The union leaders criticised the approach of the management and threatened strike if any worker was laid off or retrenched On getting this news of lower productivity and threat of strike, the production manager visited the plant and talked to the foreman and some of the senior workers. One of the office bearers of the union questioned...
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