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Students committed to graduating in four years by way of the Cal Poly Pomona Graduation Pledge Program must be freshmen, enter in Fall Quarter and meet the following conditions: 1. Students must take the ELM/EPT/MDPT examinations, as required, prior to Fall class registration. Scores must be appropriate to place students in G.E. college level math and English classes appropriate to the major. 2. Students must successfully complete 25% of the required units for their degree per year to ensure meeting the minimum graduation requirements appropriate to the major. Certain degree programs may require up to 202 units (Architecture is a five year professional program for which a five year agreement is available). The required units per year must be completed in Fall, Winter, and Spring. Applicable Advanced Placement work may be applied to the total units completed per year. Coursework completed in the Summer will be applied to the next academic year. 3. Graduation from the University as an undergraduate requires a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average; however, the minimum cumulative grade point average for pledge students is 2.2. Students must earn a "C" or better or CR (credit/no credit classes) in all course work taken. 4. Students must:

← attend student orientation at entrance to the University, ← meet each quarter with their assigned Pledge advisor, and file the necessary paperwork by the posted deadline , ← reach agreement with their advisor regarding appropriate courses of study, ← consider the availability of future course offerings as related to graduation requirements, ← participate each quarter in the priority registration process and pay fees by the required deadline, ← enroll in required courses at those times (which may include evening and weekend hours) when they are offered and/or available, ← remain in the same major they selected...
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