Computer Games Addiction

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Nowadays, rate of violence and aggression among teenagers are increased. This is one the most important problem faced by today’s parents.This has prompted feel uncomfortable by the parents when their children were less active in other areas. Based on statistics that showed by Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 2011,that 25 % of teenagers under 18 years old, had been addicted to play computer games regularly. From the statistics statement, we know that quarter of teenagers population age group had been tend to play computer games will spend more in front of computer games than do other activities.Computer games well known as a medium of terror type, some games also adapted by fairytales books,and also, there are many type of genre that people known as violence, unrated version and bad scene on the computer games.Thomas Schatz describes the general plot structure of the genre film as, establishment,animation, intensification and resolution. That genre will lead effects to our teenagers physically,mentally and socially. On the other hand, totally not the genre of the computer game brought our children to play addictly, but, also related to other environment problem.We can say those computer games same goes as film production, they produce without specified the genre .According to Catriona Ross (2011), producer shuld not make profit produce movies or computer games without think the negative impacts towards the future generations especially children.

One of the effects of playing computer games on teenagers is that they affect the physically. This is because, there are too many consequences of playing computer games too often especially on teenagers. Example of effects on physically is, it may lead them be an obesity person if they keep with this unhealthy hobby. In addition, after playing computer games, those teenagers will eat food and after that, they further to play the computer games without outdoor exercise and basically, in their bodies there...
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