Video Games and Its Effect on Children

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  • Published: March 2, 2011
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Thesis Statement
Sociological Effects
* Social Development
* Interaction with peers
* Relationships and interpersonal skills

Psychological Effects
* Aggressive behavior
* Psychiatric Symptoms
* Addictive behavior

Health Effects
* Risk of obesity
* Insufficient physical exercise
* Risk of VGRS (epileptic seizures)

Effects on Academic Performance
* Educational software
* Positive effects on learning and academic skills
* Negative correlation on time spent on games and academic performance


Excessive playing of video games can cause decreased social interaction, psychological disturbances and increased aggressive behavior, deterioration in health and poor academic performance in children.

The playing of video games was investigated to observe and analyse the consequences on children. The effects on social interaction, psychological, in particular aggressive behaviour, health and academic performance were determined by the exploration of various research journals, and literature pertaining to such. Video games over the last 30 years have made an impact on the way children spend their leisure time. However, it was only during the last decade that any kind of research was done to study the effect of these games on children. Some results prove that are negative effects on young minds and behaviours, still others are inclusive as to the negative effects, while some favoured the games as a positive, especially in the hand-eye co-ordination and educational software. Some, however, lay the responsibility fully on the part of parents and guardians to control the amount of time that children spend on video games to negate whatever ill effects it may have on their behavior, health and academic performance.

The video games industry has grown at a tremendous rate over the past thirty years. Almost...
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