Benefits of Video Games During Children Development

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The popularity of playing video games has been increasing in the lives of today’s forthcoming generation. In this essay, the author observes the claims that support video game effects, but also addresses the arguments criticizing video games. The author recognizes these attacks, but offers a new point of view towards the practice of video games during child development years. The author begins with a brief record of video game development in the past several decades and how these video games have become more complex, leading children who play them to develop a more complex mind, with elevated abilities. These benefits include: increased dexterity and cognitive ability, improvement in perception, reasoning, and learning skills, increased visual and attention capacity, encourages system thinking and motivation, a good source of social interaction, promotes pro-social behavior, and teaches children how to successfully work in a team setting. The opposing views are then presented, supporting data is provided, and the author addresses why these arguments should not be given a great deal of concern. The author recognizes that some of these concerns may be an issue, but easily avoidable with appropriate parental monitoring. The author closes with indentifying that parents should not solely depend on video games for children development and that other modes of entertainment are equally imperative. The author expresses the importance of incorporating video game play in a child’s development, but stresses the significance of parental surveillance in order to promote these benefits.

Introduction and Presentation of Issue
In the past few decades, computer and console gaming have proven to be more than just a fad. A recent national survey, conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, discovered that “97% of teens ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games.” Video games have become one of the most popular sources of entertainment for children and teenagers. As a result, electronic gaming is on the receiving end of many studies and researches, which claim that video games induce unhealthy behavioral changes in children. However, several other scientific studies have indicated that this popular entertainment medium can have many beneficial effects as well, when used in moderation. Background

Video games did not become popular until the 1970’s. These first generation games used simple 2-D shapes and had minimal interaction. In comparing today’s games with these first generation games, the differences are substantial. The video games of today’s generation include high quality 3-D graphics, optimal sound quality, and numerous amounts of genres. Many games are now incorporating online player interaction, where players can engage in games together through the Internet. Also many of these online games include voice chat, where players can use microphones in order to communicate with each other, as opposed to the single, former mode of communication: typing. Each of these game genres call for many qualities in a user, whether it be dexterity, strategy, knowledge, attention etc, and many children and teenagers are exposed to several types of genres. Pew Internet found that “80% of teenagers play five or more different game genres, and 40% play eight or more types of games.” (Lenhart et al., 2008, para. 4) The technology and complexity of video games is constantly increasing. Releases of consoles like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect now incorporate physical activity into electronic gaming. With these technological and visual advancements, video game popularity is growing increasingly. In 2007, Michael Gallagher, CEO of the Entertainment Software Association reported that “nine games were sold every second of every day of the year"(Bangeman, 2008, para. 3). Lines of Argument

Despite the several drawbacks that come with practice of video games, there are numerous benefits from indulging in this...
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