Do Not Blame the Video Games.

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  • Published : February 10, 2012
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Don’t Blame the Video Games

The video games have been a source of entertainment for many over the past few years and over the years its consumers are growing in number. It is a source of digital entertainment and does not trigger violent behavior or the violent crimes. It is not a new trend anymore as the games have been around for as early as the 1990s. Parents and guardians strongly believe that most games have violent content thus prohibit their children from playing as they believe it might make them violent in nature, and also drive them to commit crimes. These video games are mainly designed and distributed from countries such as USA, Canada and Japan. Controversies started from those countries where parents even demanded the ban of selling of video games to its younger consumers. Parents and researchers have suggested that some of the games are far too violent and they have already begun to claim that the government should regulate the sale of these games in order to protect the children. However, results produced by many researchers produce otherwise. Moreover, the forceful plan by the government is a reaction to an exaggeration of the effects violent video games and these controversies are unfounded. For over the decades ever since 1994, starting with ‘Mortal Combat’ to ‘Night Trap’, the community has become concerned with the depth of physical conflict and gore visualized on these games. This has drastically led the industries to have their own rating classification as ‘ESRB’- Entertainment Software Rating Board. The realistic graphics of upcoming modern games have only helped the anti-gamers to defend their arguments. Researches show that most the crimes committed by teenagers are the result of bad parenting and not video games, also dangerous surroundings and the absence of gun possession laws.

Usually serial killers of all ages are known to have mental disorders or been raised by abusive guardians. Teenagers who are members of gangs are...
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