Effect of Video Games on Children

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Research Outcome
During the course of this research, a number of significant facts were found. The original topic question for the research was “the psychological and physical effect of video games on children”. The amount of information researched on the psychological effect was a lot and thus the topic question for the research was then changed to “the psychological effect of video games on children”. The main reason for researching this topic was the fact that there are a lot of young children in the world who play immensely violent games. Many children and their parents ignore the game rating. Many parents do not understand the adverse effect that those video games would have on the young child’s growing brain. Research which is discussed below in detail has proven that violent video games have a great psychological effect on the children which causes them to become aggressive adolescence. This in turn affects their social and personal life in a major way. The researched information shows that violent video games are clearly harmful to children and both parents and children must obey the game rating if they want healthy and rather peaceful children. Video games have been available to the customer for around 30 years now. The games have evolved greatly. They merely started off as 2D arcade games and now they have evolved to 4D virtual reality. One of the main researched subtopic has been video games and the time children spend playing them. The time that children spent playing video games varies greatly according to gender. A research/ study conducted in 2004 by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh stated that adolescent girls played video games for an average of 5 hours a week whereas boys played an average of 13 hours. Now this extended amount of time spent playing video games affects the children in many ways. The time which they could’ve spent studying is spent playing video games. This may appear to be a decline in academic achievement. The same study...
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