Composition of Blood

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Composition of Blood
Plasma consists of:
a) Nutrients
b) Hormones
c) Water
d) Other liquid substances like water.
A formed element consists of:
a) White blood cells (WBCs)
providing us the immunity
b) Red blood cells (RBCs)
carries the oxygen
responsible for red color of blood
contain hemoglobin, a molecule which contains iron
c) Platelets
blood clotting

Reasons to make A.B.
1) Blood group problem. Human being cannot take blood of every human and the reason is the difference in blood group and its availability. 2) More people needs blood then the number of people who donate blood. This is the reason why so many blood camps are organized all across the country. 3) Deadly diseases like AIDS and other contaminating dieses cause the lack of supply of blood. 4) Our human blood has only life of maximum to maximum 40 days and that too when kept in cold conditions Pros of A.B.

1) No contamination from diseases as it made in labs.
2) Self life of around 9 to 10 months which is pretty long.
3) No problem of blood group problem as it is made compatible to human blood. 4) No need of donors as it is made in labs.
5) Scientists have added some cells in artificial blood which are capable of curing diseases.

HBOCs sources
1) Human placentas
2) Genetically modified bacteria
3) RBCs from human blood
4) RBCs from cow blood

Cons of HBOCs
1) They react with nitric oxide which is responsible for maintaining our blood pressure, so the blood pressure becomes high. 2) They cause lower body discomforts especially in the abdominal. 3) Some type of redness in eyes can be caused due to these HBOCs.
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