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Topics: Blood, Artery, Vein Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: January 27, 2013
1. There are ~280 million Hb molecules in one RBC. A single Hb molecule carries ___ molecule(s) of O2, which means that a single RBC carries about ___ O2 molecules. D.4;1 billion 2. All of the following EXCEPT ___ lead to a decrease in hematocrit. A dehydration 3. Why is it important that when iron binds to oxygen that this is a temporary and reversible interaction? B because the oxygen needs to dissociate into tissues 4. What accounts for males’ HCT (~46) being higher than females’ HCT (~42)? C androgens stimulate RBC production 5. Under normal conditions, what is the fate of the globular proteins of a recycled hemoglobin molecule? B they are disassembled into their component amino acids 6. All of the following EXCEPT ___ are characteristics of all types of WBCs. C. are phagocytic 7. What is the nature of and purpose of surface antigens on RBCs? D integral membrane glycoproteins or glycolipids; substances your immune system recognizes as “ normal” 8. Which type of WBC is found in greatest numbers in an infected cut? B. neutrophils 9. Monocytes transform into ____ in tissues, where they ____. C. macrophages; are phagocytis and release chemicals that attract neutrophils 10. Sam has an infestation of large parasitic worms. Which of the following will happen? A. eosinophils will release cytotoxic enzymes from their granules 11. If Derek has surface antigen B and D on his RBCs, what blood type does he have? What types of antibodies are in his plasma? a. B+; anti- A antibodies 12. Andrew has blood type O negative. What type of blood can he receive from a donor? Why? D. none of the above 13. Why can’t a person with Type A blood safely receive blood from a person with Type B blood? C. type b blood would agglutinate in the recipient’s blood vessels and plug small vessels to vital organs 14. Why is it unlikely that the antibodies in the plasma of a Type O donor would cause a transfusion reaction in a Type A recipient? B the...
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