Competancy Mapping

Topics: Skill, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 8 (1483 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Name of the program: Certified Performance and Competency Developer Project: Process Lead

Project Work
Original work done by: Mr. Veena Kaverappa
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Prepared by Bhanu Latha On behalf of Middle Earth Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Title of the role: Competency Mapping for Process Lead


“Competencies are the characteristics of a manager that lead to the demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance within an organizational area.”

• Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance. These are formed through an individual/organization’s knowledge, skills and abilities and provide a framework for distinguishing between poor performances through to exceptional performance. Competencies can apply at organizational, individual, team, and occupational and functional levels. • Competencies are individual abilities or characteristics that are key to effectiveness in work. •

• Once the job requirements have been clarified (and competencies provide a framework for doing this), then competency interviewing helps interviewers look for evidence of those requirements in each candidate. For people already in jobs, competencies provide a way to help identify opportunities for growth within their jobs. • Competencies are not "fixed"–they can usually be developed with effort and support (though some are harder to develop than others). Employees and their managers together can identify which competencies would be most helpful to work on to improve the employee’s effectiveness. They can then integrate that into a learning plan that may include on-the-job experience, classroom training, or other developmental activities. • Competencies are not a tool to be used for evaluating people for layoffs. Competencies are only a way of talking about what helps people get results in their jobs. What matters is performance– being effective and meeting job expectations.


Some examples of competencies required by the employees are: -

• Adaptability
• Commitment
• Creativity
• Motivation
• Foresight
• Leadership
• Independence
• Emotional Stability
• Analytical Reasoning and
• Communication Skills
Why competency mapping is required.

Competency mapping is required for recruitment of resources, training and development, staff deployment, performance assessment and career planning / succession of the employee.

The most important part of this task is selecting the right candidate for the requirement by assessing their skill sets suiting the requirement and development of their potential to be effective and excel in the assigned task.

Challenges faced:

Recruitment: The current process of interview which comprises of personal interview and written test seems to have its limitations in finding the right candidate for the current vacancies.

Performance Assessment and Career Planning: The current process of promotion decisions/lateral hire has shown its limitations: When an excellent performer has been moved to higher position with additional responsibility the performance outcome is not satisfactory. An average performer when provided a chance to step into a senior position due to situations has proven to be a star performer in the assigned task.

Employees’ performance inadequacy: The observed non performance of an employee is due to factors that are out of control of an employee and due to lack of required competency, inadequacy of core and support competencies.

Training Analysis: During appraisal the development needs are identified but...
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