Btec Business L3 Unit 2 P2

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BTEC L3 Ext Dip In Business
Unit 2 – Task 1 – P2
For 37 years, Ralph Lauren's reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The organization is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in three categories: HOME, accessories and fragrances. With expansion into 65 countries, Polo Ralph Lauren brands represent approximately $10 billion in global retail sales. The key elements of Polo's expanding strategies include extending Polo Ralph Lauren brands, expanding geographic coverage, increase direct management of brands and enhance Polo's operations.

Job Position
The job description set from Ralph Lauren says that a Distribution analyst for them plays a key role in the decision-making processes. They support customer service initiatives and communicate pricing, trade and client data to relevant departments within the company. Also a distribution analyst oversees the logistics of all purchases, including shipment monitoring, order verification and redirection of shipments, depending on Ralph Laurens needs.

Employability Skills
Each job requires the person doing it to possess a range of specialist skills. However, there are also skills that are useful to a wide variety of careers and are therefore transferable between jobs. These are known as employability skills and they are essential for employees to be able to work effectively in a modern workplace. Each of these areas is important and they include:

Suitable qualifications
Experience in a similar role
Knowledge of products and services
Experience of specific industry
Effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets
Ability to observe and rises professional standards

Personal Skills
Certain skills will be beneficial regardless of the job or career that you pursue. These transferable personal skills make a candidate attractive to...
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