Communication Barriers in an Organisation

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Question 1.
Identify and critically discuss the communication problems and barriers in the communication scenario depicted in the video clip. (563 Words) According to Dr Robbins’s book on Organizational Behavior 2003, effective communication is summarized as the means of encoding a message from the sender, clearly to the receiver through a channel without the actual message being negatively fragmented in the process. Communication problems and barriers occur when the information is distorted before reaching the receiver, creating conflicting assumptions and perceptions than what was intended (Deborah J. Barrett, (2002) Diagram 1 below illustrates an example of a communication model. Decoding


FEEDBACK. Sourced from: Stephen P. Robbin (2003), Organizational Behavior, 10th Ed, Prentice Hall, pp 285. Jack demonstrated poor communication skills when addressing the news. His approach is erroneous, failing to ascertain their reaction and sensitivity when he addressed changes. Jack failed capture the forthcomings of the group’s “openness to change” (Anuradha Chawla and E. Kevin Kelloway 2003) The employees in the scenario feels uncertain regarding the “security of their position, their future roles and responsibilities” (J. Allen et al., 2007 pp.359 – 364) and how these changes might bring significant impact to them.

In effect of Jack’s misreading body language, tone, and other non-verbal forms of communication exhibiting nervousness and guilt, the group is showing signs of disappointing acknowledgement, It could be from rumours they have heard and relied due to the lack of proper information received. (Gray & Laidlaw, 2002) Jack’s inability to create the sense of trust in the management’s decision and effective selling of the benefits of change, (Philip. A, 2005) has made matters worse. Claudia Peus et al, 2009 supported Oreg’s research of co-relations in pointing that affective, cognitive and behavioral resistance towards change exist when trust in the management is nonexistent.

Jack’s communiqué method was antagonistic, choosing bad choice of words in his communiqué’ which prompted the group to ask about their future state. Reeta Raina, 2010 quoted Harris & Nelson’s work in 2008 that key towards quality leadership is conceivably the effective communication flow of a story. The method of Jack’s communication somersaulted the group into a defensive mode, causing them to respond negatively on the received information, prompting the concerned about the enormity of the changes and its impact on their job.

The group is portraying emotional interferences by interrupting Jake’s conversation, persistently asking about their job security. Jake has unintentionally sparked fear in the group, threatening their physiological contracts (Job securities, job commitments, personal commitments, future planning) (Clutterbuck, 2005)

The group is adamant to know what the changes are and Jack refused to provide them with reasonable information and to try and counter the negative perception that was piling up. Lack of information is also known as one of the most influential factor of employee’s decision making in the events of change. Empirical investigation conducted by Allen et al. (2007) also suggests that employees who receives judicious, precise, and “useful communication (termed as “quality change communication”) more often than not revealed lower levels of uncertainty and a higher level of openness to certain degree of change.

Entering the critical analysis of the video clip, the communication barriers and problems between Jake and the group could best be summarized using the table below. Table 1: The encoded message from Jake, the barriers and problems of communication and the...
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